Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Fauna of British India : Moths

The Fauna of British India (short title) with long titles including The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma, The Fauna of British India including the remainder of the Oriental Region is a series of publications that was made by the British government in India and published by Taylor and Francis of London. The series was started somewhere in 1881 after a letter was sent to the Secretary of State for India signed by Charles Darwin, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker and other "eminent men of science". W. T. Blanford was appointed editor and began work on the volume on mammals. (Ref Wikipedia)

Moths has 5 volumes
  1. Hampson, G. (1892) Moths 1. Saturniidae to Hypsidae 527 p - 333 fig
  2. Hampson, G. (1894) Moths 2. Arctiidae, Agrostidae, Noctuidae 609 p - 325 figs
  3. Hampson, G. (1895) Moths 3. Noctuidae (cont.) to Geometridae 546 p - 226 figs
  4. Hampson, G. (1896) Moths 4. Pyralidae 594 p - 287 figs
  5. Bell TRD & F B Scott (1937) Moths. Vol. 5. Sphingidae [537 p - 1 folding map - 15 pl]


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