Friday, October 1, 2010

Theme of the Month : October 2010 : Courtship

Last month we discussed that we will decide a theme for every month and members would dig in their archieves and share some pohotos about the theme they like the most or are unique to them. Let us restrict to maximum of three photos per member. And mention the subject line as "Theme Oct 2010 : " and your title of the photo e.g. Theme Oct 2010 : Forget Me Not

For themes for subsequent months let us derive some mechanism, so the I do not land up deciding the theme every month, but all members get to decide it. Check the database of suggestions for the themes here and you may add your suggestion here

Alternatively you can just leave here comments on ideas for subsequent months themes.

For this month let me suggest a theme as Courtship. Remember the these is Courtship and not mating. So it is not as easy as we feel to capture on photographs, though we have seen some really good photos on the group already.

So send in your contributions of photos and ideas for subsequent months.