Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Theme of the Month : April 2011 : Common Butterflies Uncommon Captures

This months theme will be Common Butterflies Uncommon Captures. It could be an unusual angel, unusual color variation, uncommon phenomenon etc.

Please post your pictures accordance with and subject same as this email. Please do not send more than 3 photos per person and what we enjoy the most is the story behind each of the photo. The photos may have been taken by you anytime. Latest photos are not must, relevant photos are necessity.

Images will be uploaded on the albums here which would remain for long time, so invest some time in writing the email with as much information as possible. If you are posting for first time, take time to go through albums before you post.

Last months theme photos are uploaded as a set and is definitely worth watching If you have posted photo last month for theme and by mistake have been missed uploading, please let us know we will upload them.