Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Report :: DragonflyIndia Meet 2016 :: Gorumara National Park, West Bengal

ProsenjitDawn, Arjan Basu Roy, Vijay Barve

The third DragonflyIndia meet was held from 26th August to 29th August, 2016 at Gorumara National Park, West Bengal. The scientific gathering already started in Kolkata as the participants arrived there before the meet. Total 23 participants from 8 different states and one from Sri Lanka participated in the meet. 

The meet initiated with an introductory session of the participants, followed by several oral presentations, workshops and field visits. The four days meet featured two plenary talks about general Odonata taxonomy, biogeography and distribution in West Bengal; two complete workshop on Preservation and Identification of Odonata Specimens and Outreach for Odonates; four participants’ presentations about cytogenetics and behavioural biology of damselflies and one guest lecture on Past, Present and Future of Odonatology in Sri Lanka. Special discussions about larval studies, field identification and photography were everydays' routine programme. 

Most important part of the meet was the regular field visits to different habitats of Gorumara National Park and a Mid-meet field visit to Samsing, Neora Valley National Park which resulted in listing of total 66 species of odonates, more than 115 species of butterflies, 90 species of birds and many more faunal groups. The recorded odonates during the meet include Coeliccia c.f. renifera which is new state record for West Bengal and few more rare species such as Agrionoptera insignis, Amphithemis vacillans, Coeliccia bimaculata etc. 

The four days meet was quite successful with a pleasant sunny weather throughout except the morning in Samsing that was visited by a sudden break of heavy rain.

With four colourful days the meet ended up in a successful gathering of odonate enthusiasts. On behalf of the organizing committee I convey our heartiest greetings for the participants for their cooperation and patience. I want to congratulate all my seniors and friends from DiversityIndia and Nature Mates-Nature Club, Kolkata for such a successful event. Thanks are also due to the International Dragonfly Fund and Worldwide Dragonfly Association for their every support. We will look forward for the next meet to be more successful and fruitful.

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