Monday, November 1, 2010

Theme of the Month : November 2010 : Oviposition

Last month we we had decent response for the theme of the month. So we will continue to decide a theme for every month and members would dig in their archives and share some photos about the theme they like the most or are unique to them. Let us restrict to maximum of three photos per member. And mention the subject line as "Theme Nov 2010 : " and your title of the photo e.g. Theme Nov 2010 : Monkey Puzzle

For themes for subsequent months let us derive some mechanism, so the I do not land up deciding the theme every month, but all members get to decide it. Check the database of suggestions for the themes here and you may add your suggestion here I have also posted this message on

For this month the theme is Oviposition.  Oviposition is the process of laying eggs. So find the greatest pictures you have taken of butterflies laying eggs and post them on the group with right subject.

So send in your contributions of photos. Ideas for subsequent month themes may be given in the comments section.