Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dragonflies of India : A Field Guide

Dragonflies of India : A Field Guide
By : K.A.Subramanian
Editor : Madhav Gadgil
Published by : Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology
ISBN : 978-81-7480-192-0
Price: Rs. 125/-

The First photographic field guide to 111 Indian dragonflies and damselflies. English common names introduced to Indian dragonflies and damselflies for the first time. Field keys for identification of larvae and adults.Over 200 clear photographs for accurate and quick identification. Concise text provides information on key characteristics and ecology of each species. Reviewed by eminent entomologists and field biologists.

The book can be downloaded from Vigyan Prasar Website.

WildFlowerIndia & IndianTreePix Meet 2010 : Suggested Locations

Location : Kas & Purendar Fort
District : Satara
State : Maharashtra
Specialty of the Locality : crest of Sahyadri (famous for wildflowers and valley of flowers in Maharashtra)
Possible Dates : 2nd to 4th week in September (2010)
Possible Organizers : Kedar Champhekar
By : Rajesh Sachdev

Location : Bhimashankar WLS
District : Pune (?)
State : Maharashtra
Specialty of the Locality : Core of Sahyadri ( famous for wildflowers)
Possible Dates : End of monsoon
Possible Organizers : options open
By : Rajesh Sachdev

Location : Amboli
District : Sindhudurg
State : Maharashtra
Specialty of the Locality : Western ghats with good malabar elements.. ( Moist deciduous forest , lateritic plateaus with ephemeral herb, added bonus butterflies, amphibians and reptiles, natural dyes plant )
Possible Dates : August to October 15th
Possible Organizers : Pune botanists, Malabar Nature Club, .. Goa-Belgaon- Kolhapur people can also help.... accommodation facilities available
By : Saili Palande

Location : Mulshi Tamhini
District : Pune
State : Maharashtra
Specialty of the Locality : Western ghats flora, Many Sacred Groves with good lianas, orchids (fruiting and flowering season for many tree sp.)
Possible Dates : Jan to March
Possible Organizers : Pune botanists
By : Saili Palande

Location : Coastal Side streches around Diveagar- Kelshi or Jaygad- Ratnagiri
District: Raigad Ratnagiri
State : Maharashtra
Specialty of the Locality : Mangrove Forests, Sacred Groves, coastal beach flora, Phansad (if around murud), wild vegetables (Good food ;) !)
Possible Dates : August to October
Possible Organizers : Pune-Mumbai botanists
By : Saili Palande

Location: Chakrata & Deheradun
District :
State : Uttarakhand
Specialty of the Locality : Typical Himalayan flora,Conifers, Oaks, herbs, FRI, WII etc
Possible Dates : September October
Possible Organizers : no idea...
By : Saili Palande

Location: Namdapha
District : Changlang
State : Arunachal Pradesh
Specialty of the Locality : East Himalayan flora
Possible Dates :
Possible Organizers : Arif Siddique
By :