Monday, April 1, 2013

Confirming / Suggesting identifications on iNaturalist

As we have started using iNaturalist projects for posting our records, there is an interest in understanding how to use it effectively. 

To Confirming / Suggesting identifications on iNaturalist it is not sufficient to leave a comment in the Add a Comment box bellow the record. It is a good practice to add the identification, at taxonomic level (Family, Genus, Species etc.) we are comfortable with using either Identification Summery box on the right 

or  Add an Identification tab at bottom.

Once there, enter the name preferably scientific name of the organism in species box and click find. Website will display possible names. Pick the correct one and select save button bellow it. 

To change the identification follow the same steps, and the new identification will be saved accordingly. 

In case you do not find the right name on clicking Find try using Search external name providers right above Save button. If the species page is already not available on the website, we can use this option.

Use add a comment to appreciate the photographs or to ask questions and clarifications. 

The goal of this record creation is to get more and more Research Grade observations at best taxonomic level possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on DiversityIndia groups or leave a comment here.

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