Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WildFlowerIndia : Photo of Year 2008

Members of WildFlowerIndia [] Group have posted the Best Wild Flower Photographs taken by them in 2008. So here the collection of those Best Flower Photographs of India.

My favourite and best wildflower shot of 2008 is the White Ground Glory Convolvulus microphyllus. This carpeted a stretch of land in Hauz Khas District Park and was trampeled upon by the walkers, oblivious to the delicate and tiny white flowers. But a closer scrutiny of this overlooked and stepped upon plant revealed its hidden glory-the white was actually a continuum of delicate pink and white shades! This picture captures for me that moment of wonder and discovery! And this beauty was set amongst the browns-of earth and decaying leaf and the green of the leaves! Such a delicate flower was literally at the feet of people! I have shared this picture earlier with the wildflower group and here it is again!

"Dipcadi saxorum, which is a wild flower endemic to Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) in Mumbai. This was taken during the monsoon season in July. A small rocky hill was practically dotted with these small upright, knee-high stalks bearing these small white flowers. Not having seen them in 2007 I decided to check what these are and was delighted to learn that I was able to see an endemic species."
kiran srivastava []

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  1. Dipcadi is not endemic to SGNP. It is found all over the western ghats.