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DragonflyIndia : Photo of the Year 2008

Members of DragonflyIndia [] Group have posted the Best Dragonfly and Damselfly Photographs taken by them in 2008. So here the collection of those Best Dragonfly and Damselfly Photographs of India.

I am attaching a picture taken in Trivandrum,which I hope is my best dragonfly pic of last year, just found him while in was sorting my archives.
kalesh s []

1> Stream Glory Damselfly (Neurobasis chinensis)- Patterns in Nature, A microscopic View:
Patterns in Nature, A microscopic View.... As we all know that most of the things that we see are made up of many small things. So in the same way the structures that we see in nature are also brilliant if we see them in detail. Here you can see a bit of detailed view of Wing structure of Stream Glory Damselfly (Neurobasis chinensis).
addy josh []

2> Stream Ruby (Rhinocypha bisignata):
This beautiful damselfly from Periyar, Kerala. This Ruby is so amazing that the pattern on its abdomen looks as if the graphics are designed with a purpose. The flame like pattern with black, yellow and orange colours looks amazing. The wings, in sunlight looks as if they have Neon lights in them. Each part is just so attractive that I enjoyed a lot observing these beauties.
addy josh []

Tramea basilaris
Yellow abdomen with black markings male showing territory behavior. This is looking like golden star shining in black sky. I love to watch this photograph.
ashish tiple []

Potamarcha congener
Medium sized bluish black and yellow dragonfly with very fragile wing.
ashish tiple []

Brachydiplax sobrina
Metallic blue body and yellow base observed on thorax. I am feeling like this is like owner of the farm and watching green farm standing at one corner.
ashish tiple []

Anax guttatus
Large green and blue dragonfly. This photo I clicked after taking lot of efforts here female is laying and male is protecting her, playing a role of guard. I was satisfied with this snap it is even very memorable and very beautiful
ashish tiple []

Rhodishnura nursei (mature male)
A small black, crimson and bright yellow damselfly with red color slender back portion. This is very beautiful to watch and I really enjoyed it while capturing in my camera
ashish tiple []

Agriocnemis pygmea
A small apple green and black damselfly and very beautiful you can see mating behavior of both these male and female.
ashish tiple []

Copera marginipes
Medium sized black damselfly with yellow markings. This butterfly was trapped inside the spider net and finally this escaped and just sits on my collection box and I took nice snapshot.
ashish tiple []

Lestes spp.
Very beautiful egg laying picture here female is doing contact guarding. It is very nice to watch the male female behavior. This species still not identified properly.
ashish tiple []

Phylloneura westermanni
This is endemic and rare species damselfly to the Western Ghats between the Nilgiris and Sharavathi Valley. But I clicked it in Pench tiger reserve project area. It was memorable for me even because when I clicked it Dr. R.. J. Andrew and Dr. K. A. Subramanian was also with me

I had always wondered what do these large common club tail feed on. Here is a sequence of photographs depicting the club tail feeding on Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) dragonfly. Actually, this particular clubtail dragonfly killed the pantala by biting the pantala's neck after which it began eating its head, removing first its wings and tail before feasting on the thorax completely.
Looks like the other Pantala species perched on the same twig were not aware or perhaps appeared to be least bothered of the feast.
Photo Sequence

1. Common Clubtail feasting on Wandering Glider

2. Other dragon flies on the same twig still not aware ?

3. Head Eaten up

4. Front right wing removed

5. Other Wandering Gliders nearby - shows the healthy population during this season

6. Rear right wing removed

7. Front left wing removed

8. Tail starts hanging

9. Tail removed completly

10. Eating Thorax

11. Another Pantala comes and sits close by

12. Feasting complete

The entire episode took about half an hour. Here is a link for the complete episode and slightly better visuals

Photo date: 02 Nov 2008
raghu ananth []


  1. wonderful

    Sanjay Sondhi and Anchal Sondhi too wish to share their pics of these winged fairies.
    sometime will send them
    any rules for sending pic files as ours are haeavy files

  2. Wow... lovely documentation of the common clubtail feeding. Never seen one before.