Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AmphibianIndia : Photo of Year 2008

Members of AmphibianIndia [] Group have posted the Best Amphibian Photographs taken by them in 2008. So here the collection of those Best Amphibian Photographs of India.

Malabar FLYING Frog (Racophorus malabaricus)from Top Slip (IGWS Anamalai range, Western Ghats) Superb leaf green coloured frog with yellow-reddish webbed feet. The females are larger than males. The most remarkable habit of this is that they GLIDE from trees, it's superb.. The female usually choose a sight of leaves overhanging the water to spawn. The female lays eggs and male fertilizes them and whip up a FOAM like substance that covers the eggs, Hence the nest is called as FOAM nest.Then female gather leaves close to the nest and encloses them in leaves. As foam dries up the leaves remain glued to each other. The tdpoles emerg from the eggs and then drop in the water pool below and the life cycle moves forward......
addy josh []

Ichthyophis species: The Legless Amphibian- a Caecilian from Vallakadavu range of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala. "Striped Ichthyophis" (Per Com. Varad Giri).These amazing legless Amphibians always eluded me for long time and finally i got to see and photograph two species of them. Only 2 shots are taken of one individual with low flash intensity. These are very sensitive animals. We should always keep in mind that we should enjoy nature and wildlife by respecting it and by knowing what is our footprint.
addy josh []

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