Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moths of Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

The Eaglenest Wildilife Sanctuary in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh is one of India's hotspots of biodiversity. Since the discovery of the bird, the Bugun Liocichla by Dr. Ramana Athreya, a host of other new species, range extensions and new records of amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and moths have been discovered from Eaglenest. The Bugun Welfare Society ( runs eco-tourism in the area, providing employment to the local communities and an incentive to conserve the area. 

Since 2009, Sanjay Sondhi has been surveying lepidoptera fauna at Eaglenest. These surveys have revealed close to 200 species of butterflies and close to a 1,000 species of moths, many of them being range extensions and a few, new records for India such as the Bhutan's national butterfly-the Ludlow's Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis ludlowi

These butterfly and moth brochures are intended to promote eco-tourism at Eaglenest. Each brochure covers 85 species of butterflies and 85 species of moths. The contributions from sales from these brochures will go to the community fund of the Bugun Welfare Society. 

The brochures can be ordered as under by depositing a cheque/electronic transfer to

Bugun Welfare Society
a/c no.11775243383
State Bank of India Tenga Valley Branch
West Kameng Dist.Arunachal Pradesh-790 115

Rs 100 for one brochure (butterflies or moths) (Rs 75 for the brochure plus Rs 25 for shipment)
Rs 185 for two brochures (butterflies and moths) (Rs 150 for the brochures plus Rs 35 for shipment)

with intimation to 


Indi Glow,

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